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The Herisem paper mill or former cardboardmill Winderickx is an authentic example of a 16th century paper mill and a 19th century industrial complex.


It is a national treasure of industrial archeology: it sows you the craft of handmade paper and the authentic machinery of the first mechanic cardboard.


The monument explains you the genesis of the production of paper and cardboard in Belgium: It shows you how a craft became an industry.

If you want to see and experience how life was in a 16th century paper mill or a 19th-century cardboardmill, you have to visit this monument.


With the help of a guide or TV-screens, you can walk through the old industrial complex and learn where all the machines were about. The guided tour with a demonstration of handmade paper takes more or less 1h30. Advance reservations are required for groups accompanied by a guide. To individual visitors, the monument is open every Sunday between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM. Visits at other times during the week are also possible, but only after reservation.

The 120-year-old Bollinckx steam engine is set in motion twice with steam for the general public during our Steam Days. These Steam Days always take place on the first Sunday of June and the third Sunday of November between 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM. Specially on request for groups or events, the steam engine runs for the price of € 150.


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